Patel Cosmetic Surgery Center led by Dr. Manish Patel is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon and provides services in cosmetic surgery (Body contouring, Breast Surgery, Facelift, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty and many more cosmetic surgeries), Plastic Surgery (Reconstructive Surgery, Facio Maxillary Surgery) along with laser treatments ( Tattoo Removal, hair removal, Pigmentation Treatment, Acne Treatment by Fractional CO2 Laser, Q Switch Laser, IPL from Exillis Elite and Non Surgical Facelift by Exillis)

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Dr Manish Patel is an established name in the field of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery. Dr Manish Patel has worked for over 20 years in Goa, and has made a mark in Medical Tourism for Cosmetic Surgery. Hair transplant has proved to be a boon for the people with baldness and we at Hair Transplant Goa provide you with the best of services with experienced and skilled doctors. Our clinic provides the best of services and natural results.







I am glad that I ended up at Dr Manish clinic. I am very happy with the difference in my looks. Was losing a lot of hair but the treatment by Dr and his right guidance has really helped me have amazing results. Thank you so much.
  - AGN*** MAZR****

More than just a Clinic offering the best and advanced treatments, it was more like a homely experience where I have never felt more comfortable. Dr Patel and his team took very good care of me. We always maintain communication to check the progress of the treatment of my hair. You will know that you are definitely getting the best here.
- RY** D******



Is hair transplant a painful procedure?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure to treat baldness. It is done under local anaesthesia and it’s a day procedure, that means hospital admission is not required. Hair transplant is by

Heading : Is hair transplant permanent?

Yes, the hair transplant procedure is more or less permanent, for hair transplant donor’s hair is taken from the back of the scalp which is hormonally resistant. These hairs do not

Why men get bald faster than women?

This question must have crossed many men and women! Have u ever thought why? There are scientific reason for this. Men have a hormone called Testosterone which is converted in to


+ - What is hair graft?
Graft refers to any piece of hair bearing tissue. It is a group of 1-5 hairs. The hair transplant surgery is done based on the count of grafts required to implant on the bald area.
+ - What is Donor & Recipient area?
Donor area is the area (fringe above the ears and around the back) from where hair follicles are removed during a surgical hair transplant procedure. Recipient area is the bald area or the area where hair loss occurs and hair follicles need to be implanted during the hair transplantatio
+ - What is FUT?
In FUT, a surgeon cuts a strip of skin from the back or side of your head and extracts individual hair follicles. These follicles are then inserted into the balding parts of your scalp. The surgery works best at covering a receding hairline caused by male pattern baldness.
+ - What is FUE?
Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a type of hair transplant done by taking individual hair follicles from your skin and moving them to another part of your body where hair's thinner or absent.
+ - What are the factors affecting Hair Transplant Cost?
Multiple factors are there and the most important one is number of hair grafts required. More the number of grafts more will be the hair transplant cost. Other factors include technique used for hair transplantation, level of baldness, availability of healthy hair follicles at donor area, reputation & experience of surgeon etc.
+ - What are the risks in hair transplantation?
Complications such as infection and significant scars may be seen although these are very rare. After the operation, pain that can be controlled by pain relievers, sensation of disturbance, some amount of bruising and swelling may be observed. Numbness may occur in the areas where the hair is taken or where the hair is transplanted and this recovers spontaneously within 2-3 months.
+ - Will my transplanted hair eventually fall out?
When you have hair grafted from the back and sides of your scalp to your balding areas, called an autograft, the hair will grow for the rest of your life.
+ - Am I a good candidate for hair transplantation surgery?
The ideal candidate for hair restoration surgery has healthy hair on the sides and back of the head. These sites are used as donor areas for the grafts. Men and women with well-defined baldness, thinning hair and those with limited hair loss due to scalp injuries or repeated cosmetic procedures are generally good candidates for hair restoration surgery.
+ - Does the procedure hurt?
With the use of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, discomfort during the procedure is eliminated.
+ - How Long Does The Procedure Take?
A typical session of between 1,500 to 3,000 grafts normally involves 6 to 8 hours of surgery on an outpatient basis. Most patients will arrive in the morning and will have their procedure done by late afternoon.



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